Learn Meditation

simple 3 steps

Learn Meditation - simple 3 steps

Meditation is an effective tool to manage stress, anxiety and addiction. This is a simple 3-step meditation technique, that starts with a question, 'Who am I?'.

Practice the meditation daily atleast for 10-20 minutes.

Close your eyes and follow the steps.

Step 1 : I am not the body

Am i the body? Is my body permanent?

My body is not permanent, as it goes through the stages of birth, adulthood, old age and disintegrates after death. So I am not the body.

If I am not the body, then who am I?

Step 2 : I am not the mind

Am I the mind, that generates the thoughts?

When a thought or desire arises ask a question, to whom do the thoughts or desires come for?

All thoughts or desires come to serve 'I, the ego' the imagination of who you are.

I, the ego is the first thought created by the mind and all other subsequent thoughts come to serve the first thought 'I, the ego'.

When you say, 'I, the ego’ does not exist, your thoughts have no one to serve and they immediately die. You are left with a thoughtless mind.

The first thought ‘I, the ego’ is a bubble, and all other thoughts are like bubbles that stick to it. When the first bubble bursts, then all other bubbles that stick to it also bursts. You are left with a thoughtless mind.

Step 3 : Consciousness is all that is

The breath awareness that swells in your heart in a state of thoughtless mind is Consciousness. Be one with the intelligent energy the source of all happiness.

If you are Consciousness, then everything in the world around you is also Consciousness.

Show love and compassion towards all living beings and practice forgiveness.